Welcome to Beboz, where passion meets the plate!

Imagine the streets of Italy, where every dish tells a story. At Beboz, we bring that essence of street food to life. Started in 2021, at Beboz the idea was simple - to revolutionize the fast-casual, quick-service food industry. We meticulously curate our menu using only the finest, authentic ingredients. Every day, within the heart of our kitchens, our chefs craft recipes, and marinades from scratch.       

Started in Gracechurch, our first location situated right opposite Leadenhall market, with Bank station & Monument station in walking distance.  Beboz opened it's doors to Kingsway in January 2024. With Holborn station just a short walk away, Beboz Kingsway is perfect for students and offices nearby.   


And we're just getting started. Our mission is simple yet bold – to redefine the healthy food market with our distinctive style. We're to prove that better food can indeed be served fast.